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This tool detects and removes all traces left by a program's installation
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When you decide to remove a program from your computer, the common process is to go to the "Programs and features" window and select the "uninstall" option for that program. Or you can also execute the program's uninstall utility if it is available. Unfortunately, both processes usually perform an incomplete job as they won't get rid of some registry keys, installation and configuration files, folders and other elements that should be removed together with the program that created them. Thus, when it comes to uninstalling a program, it's better to use a specialized tool like Wise Program Uninstaller, which detects and removes all traces left by a program's installation, leaving your system as if that program would never have been installed.

Wise Program Uninstaller offers you a simple and intuitive interface that automatically detects and lists all the programs and tools installed on your system. You just need to locate the program you want to remove and select one of the available options: "Safe Uninstall", "Modify" or "Forced Uninstall". While "Safe Uninstall" tries to remove a program using its own uninstall utility, "Forced Uninstall" is the most appropriate option for stubborn programs or those with corrupted uninstallers or interrupted install/uninstall processes. The "Modify" option allows you to repair or reset a program's installation, but this option is enabled only when the program in question supports such actions.

Locating the program you want to uninstall is also a very easy task as you can sort the program's list by name, size, installation date or rate, or you can simply use the search box to type part of the program's name. Finally, whatever method you choose to uninstall a program, Wise Program Uninstaller will scan your system for the remaining traces and show you a report of the findings. You can select which of the detected files, folders or registry entries you want to remove and which ones you want to conserve.

Summing it all up, Wise Program Uninstaller is a powerful tool that allows you to remove unwanted programs completely, efficiently and for free. Although it's a helpful tool for normal users, I consider it's a must-have for system administrators and IT professionals.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Helps you repair/restore a program when possible
  • Allows you to select which traces of a program you want to remove or conserve


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