Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller

Uninstall all unwanted or unneeded apps and remove all associated files
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From simply removing any of your installed apps safely to getting rid of stubborn programs that refuse to leave your PC, Wise Program Uninstaller offers you the tools you need to remove unused, no longer needed, or unwanted apps from your computer in a safe and comprehensive way. Forced and custom uninstall features will help you deal with the most persistent apps, and the program will clean for you all leftover files and registry entries associated to them.

Leaving no trace behind is just as important as getting rid of unwanted programs for good. This is what makes this free tool different from similar file removers and from the limited uninstalling capabilities that come with your Windows OS. Apart from being able to manage broken uninstallers and some of the most stubborn programs, Wise Program Uninstaller will search and remove all traces associated to them in one single operation, unlike most of its commercial and free competitors.

Useful and simple as it is, one feature that is not easy to find in other similar tools is the Uninstall History, which will keep a record of all the tools you’ve uninstalled in the past using the program.

The program’s main interface will list all apps installed on your system in alphabetical order, though you can classify them by size, installation date, or rate if you prefer. If you happen to have too many apps installed, you can use the program’s built-in search engine to locate the program you want to remove. Safe Uninstall uses the app’s own standard uninstaller to remove the program and to locate and shred all possible traces. Failing that, you can rely on Forced Uninstall to get rid of it and to clean up your PC from all leftovers and registry entries. Some programs are more stubborn than others, though – during testing, the program managed to get rid of all apps that I hadn’t been able to remove from my laptop using standard procedures in the past but one. Regrettably, not even the program’s Custom Uninstall feature – the program’s last resort – was capable of removing it.

Wise Program Uninstaller is completely free, and that is just another bonus when choosing the right program for you. You may not get 100% efficiency, but I doubt that any uninstaller is capable of reaching that mark.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Forced uninstall feature.
  • Removes all leftover files.
  • Uninstall history.
  • Custom uninstall.
  • Search engine to locate specific apps


  • Fails to remove some of the most stubborn apps
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